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Lilikoi (passionfruit) Lemonade

One of our main inspirations! You can find this delicious fruit pretty much anywhere ther’e palm tress – and it was an asbolsute MUST to include for our customers!



Strawberry Lemonade


A North American favourite, let our Strawberry blend take you back to the good old days with every sip!


Haskap Lemonade


Grown locally, these beautiful little berry blends perfectly with our house lemonade to give you a truly Alberta refreshment!


Traditional Lemonade

Nothing needs to be said. The age old refreshment everybody loves, squeezed fresh – EVERY TIME!


Dubai (mint) Lemonade


Inspired by the famous Middle Eastern refreshement, this is a blend of fresh mint and fresh lemons that refreshes like no other!


Mauritian Tamarind Lemonade

Off the eastern coast of Africa, this traditional blend has a slight kick, but cools you down like no other!


Caribbean Swank (Limeade)


Originating in the Caribbbean nation of Guyana – this delicious beverage arose from an abundance of limes, ice cold water, and sweet demerara sugar!


Likkle Buzz Iced Coffees

Roasted locally by Ace roasters, enjoy an energetic brew to cool you down this summer!


Guyanese Pine Tarts


A flakey sweet pastry filled with the fruit synonymous with sunshine, Pineapple!


Caribbean Salara Bread


Just sweet enough, this coconut spiral bread is a dessert that is enjoyed all across the Caribbean.



A local favourite, this crunchy and sweet snack is best consumed ALWAYS.


Jamaican Patties


A mild, savoury pastried filled with ground chicken, or meat – originating from the Island nation of Jamaica!


Caribbean Cheese Rolls


All across the Caribbean, this savoury pastry is filled with sharp cheddar and baked to perfection!.


Potato Balls


Rolled in a chick pea batter, this savouy treat offers a likkle bit of heat and a whole lot of flavour! A favourite snack across the Caribbean!




Optionally dipped in a mango sour dip – These chick pea flour balls are a fluffy, savoury trip with all the flavour expected from the Caribbean.

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